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Probes Pack

  • D4sp_006
    Images from disposable cameras given to project participants (academics, designers, entrepreneurs/managers) asked to take photos of things like: - a favourite product - a favourite service - a service that is very nationally or ethnically specific - a service based on a 19th century technology - a service in which the participant hates being the user and some other things (Currently unsorted)

Project pairing photos + artefacts

  • Artefact from IDEO project with Prosonix
    A small selection of photos and artefacts from the project pairings during this research between each service design consultancy and each science/technology enterprise


  • Probenapkin3
    Examples of research methods used in this interdisciplinary project including design research methods such as cultural probes packs sent to participants

Workshop 1 - December 18/19, 2006

  • D4s_event1_cogcollageswall
    Images from interdisciplinary workshop held at Said Business School on December 18/19, 2006
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Dec 20, 2006


Leonieke Zomerdijk

Hi all,

Just a quick word on the cultural probes packs. For me it was the first time I saw and had to do one. It was fun! It felt like homework again (in a positive sense). I took mine home in the evening and took pictures on the way to and from work. Taking the pictures and doing the other exercises made me feel very creative. I told friends / colleagues who saw me taking pictures that I was working on a science project for school. They were fascinated by the project, started to give me their own examples and asked me today what other pictures were there at the workshop (and whether anyone from Tesco or HSBC came to see who complained about their bad service). Unfortunately, the pictures were not ready in time for yesterday's workshop, but Lucy said we'll use them next time. I think they will be a good starting point to see people's definitions and understandings of service, adding to our continuing discussion about what are services/products/experiences etc. I'm looking forward to unraveling patterns in good/bad service examples and our personal assumptions about service design!


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