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Probes Pack

  • D4sp_006
    Images from disposable cameras given to project participants (academics, designers, entrepreneurs/managers) asked to take photos of things like: - a favourite product - a favourite service - a service that is very nationally or ethnically specific - a service based on a 19th century technology - a service in which the participant hates being the user and some other things (Currently unsorted)

Project pairing photos + artefacts

  • Artefact from IDEO project with Prosonix
    A small selection of photos and artefacts from the project pairings during this research between each service design consultancy and each science/technology enterprise


  • Probenapkin3
    Examples of research methods used in this interdisciplinary project including design research methods such as cultural probes packs sent to participants

Workshop 1 - December 18/19, 2006

  • D4s_event1_cogcollageswall
    Images from interdisciplinary workshop held at Said Business School on December 18/19, 2006
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